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Where information about rare moves has been obtained solely from this site and is being reported on other websites or forums after the event, the report must include due acknowledgement to the source of the material, and must include the website address (www.UTtracker.com).

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Please note that UT Tracker cannot be held responsible if the trains do not run according to the published schedules. Understanding and accepting that planning errors can creep in, and that trains – for whatever reason – don’t always go where they are booked to go, are pre-requisites for subscribing to and using this site. All information contained on this website is presented in good faith, and UT Tracker cannot be held liable or responsible for any misleading or incorrect information inadvertently presented. Specifically, UT Tracker cannot be held responsible in respect of any losses - whether direct, indirect, or consequential - you suffer in connection with acting on information contained on the website.

Neither the accuracy nor completeness of the information provided can be guaranteed. Understanding and accepting that errors in analysing the raw data provided by ATOC can creep in is a pre-requisite for subscribing to and using this site. It is up to the individual to check that any details provided are correct and relevant to their needs.

UT Tracker may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time. Please check these Terms and Conditions regularly, and specifically each time you renew, and ensure you are always familiar with the latest version (a copy of which appears on the website's About page).